Producers Reveal Sequel Plans, Release Date Timeline (Exclusive)

10/20/2022 06:09 pm EDT

Black Adam has been 15 years in the making. Dwayne Johnson first became attached to the DC Comics role back in 2007. In the time since the wrestler turned actor took on the part, the movie has survived a lot of changes both creatively and within the leadership at DC Films and Warner Brothers. However, much like DC’s The Batman which came before it this year, a Black Adam sequel will not take as long to make as the first installment. Black Adam producers Hiram Garcia and Beau Flynn told that they are not expecting a massive gap before Dwayne Johnson suits up again.

“Don’t worry,” Flynn said. “This one will be fast.” 

Garcia, the President of Production as Seven Bucks Productions, added to the sentiment. “It’s not going to take that long. I can promise you that,” Garcia said. “We aways hope the first domino’s the easy one.” He ultimately added, “We’ll get cooking on it fast, that’s for sure.”

“We will open up the magic wagon, we’ll have the script ready, pretty fast,” Flynn concluded. Still, there is no official word on a Black Adam sequel or when to expect it. Given the production schedules for Garcia, Flynn and his Flynn Picture Co., and Johnson, it is hard to imagine where they could fit their next DC Comics endeavor into the schedule. However, as much of Johnson’s Under Armour workout gear advertises, this group is known for their, “Hardest worker in the room,” mentalities, so the sequel really might get moving as quickly.

Though there is no script for a Black Adam sequel yet, Garcia opened up about what those plans might entail. Be warned, the tease of what might be next contains what some may consider spoilers for some moments in the Black Adam movie. “Our vision is, what we really want to establish is Superman exists in the same world as Black Adam,” Garcia said. “Both those guys exist in the same universe and that’s important for us. It’s in the universe where our JSA is and so forth. But we really wanted the world to know that these guys are going to cross paths and how we do it, we’re still working on it. We don’t want to give that away. But I will say that it’s much bigger than what people think.”

Much like Johnson himself told at the black carpet premiere for Black Adam in New York last week, Garcia shared that there is a desire for a longer story to be told with their work in the DC Comics movie universe. “We want to do long form storytelling,” Garcia said. “We’re not looking for a quick one off or something like that. These guys exist in the same universe and there’s a lot of fun to be had when you have basically the two most powerful beings in the universe that’s on opposite sides, but also have some very interesting similarities to them. For us, there’s a lot of opportunities to tell. Some great stories around.”

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